Best Things to do in saigon

By Pratik

Best Things to do in Saigon:-

You are having a plan to visit Ho Chi Minh City, but wondering what are things that you should do in this city. Here are 10 cannot-miss experiences in Saigon:


1. Visit the historic area in D1

Remember to check out the most popular historic and touristic sights in Ho Chi Minh City, including Saigon Notre Dame, The Central Office, and  Reunification Palace.

best things to do in saigon best things to do in saigon


Near to those, you can also visit the Book Street – one of the most beautiful and peaceful streets in the heart of the city and Diamond Plaza – known as the symbol of Saigon.

best things to do in saigon

2. Shopping in local markets

Famous with affordable and quality clothes, it will be a pity if you don’t go shopping while you come to Saigon. There are many markets and shopping centres to check such as Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Squares, Taka Plaza,… 

All of them are located around D1, so you can easily come across when going along the streets. 

Try to bargain a bit, maybe you can get a beautiful ‘ao dai’ or dress at a cheaper price.

best things to do in saigon

3.Have a cup of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam has the value of exported coffee standing at 2nd in the world, this shows how good and special Vietnamese coffee is. That’s why you should have a cup of Vietnamese coffee when you come to Saigon.

You can find coffee easily at the vendors along the street. Drink a black one if you want to try a bit strong flavour, or add in some condensed milk for a bit sweet.

best things to do in saigon

4. Try special food of Vietnam

It is a long list of Vietnamese food that you must try including Pho, Banh mi, Bun cha, Banh xeo etc. Those special dishes are easy to find and try along the street of Saigon.

Pho is a good choice to start your day.

best things to do in saigon

Banh mi is convenient to bring along with you, and there are many selections from grilled meat to pork sausage.

best things to do in saigon

Buncha – grilled meat eat with fresh noodles and sweet and sour fish sauce.

best things to do in saigon

If you cannot decide which to have for diner, a famous Vietnamese-style pancake – Banh xeo – will be a great idea.

best things to do in saigon


5. Visit museums in Saigon

There are 10 fascinating museums in Ho Chi Minh City are bound to make you interested in the country’s culture and people.

Vietnam’s most-visited museum tells the tragic story of the war that shook the world – The War Remnants Museum examines the scars of the Vietnam War through well-arranged exhibits of pictures, documents, and artefacts.

best things to do in saigon

Ho Chi Minh City Museum depicts the resistance of Vietnam against the French and the Americans using photographic material and artefacts.

best things to do in saigon

The Vietnam History Museum is another amazing piece of architecture, clearly influenced by French colonialism through a varied collection of artefacts and documents, the museum explores the country’s pre-war eras, Cham and Khmer culture, and prehistoric times such as the Bronze Age (Đông Sơn civilization). 

best things to do in saigon

The Áo Dài Museum, with various exhibits displaying áo dàis from the 17th century all the way to modern adaptations, effectively displaying the evolution of the dress.

best things to do in saigon

6. Enjoy music at a live music bar

If you are looking for a relaxing background or a rock place to rewind yourself, Saigon has many interesting places for you. There are many live music bars in this town, even in luxury hotels or some night bars around the city. 

The Acoustic Bar on Ngo Thoi Nhiem street is the place where you can find legendary songs from famous artists. 

Hard Rock Cafe has an excellent live band and plays various rock ballad that will make you get out of your chair and dance. 

Sax n‘ Art is a unique bar for jazz-lover, you can find beautiful jazz melody and enjoy traditional instrument performances.

best things to do in saigon

7. Drink beer in Bui Vien Walking Street

Being a part of Vietnamese culture, combined with the nightlife in Saigon, drinking beer at night is an exciting experience to have authentic memories in this town. 

Known as Western Street in Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Vien is a must-go area in town for any travellers who love to drink beer while immersing into the exciting music.

best things to do in saigon

8. Visit Landmark 81

Landmark 81 is the pride of Saigonese as the highest building not only in Vietnam but also in whole Southeast Asia. 

Located in Binh Thanh District, not far from D1, Landmark 81 is easy to reach. You can escape from busy Saigon and enjoy the green lush garden here. 

Additionally, you can enjoy shopping, dining, entertaining at the same time. This area is also a great background for nice photos to get high reactions on your Facebook and Instagram.  

best things to do in saigon

9. Visit Chinatown in D5

Located just west of the city centre, Cholon in D5 is Ho Chi Minh’s historic Chinatown — the largest of its kind in all of Vietnam. 

You will find many delicious Chinese dishes and meet many locals in this area. 

Also, there is a historic and famous coffee shop in this area, that you should definitely check-in when you come to Saigon – Ba Lu Coffee. 

best things to do in saigon

10. Visit the surrounding area of Saigon

Cu Chi Tunnel and Mekong Delta, one of the most popular places in Vietnam, are convenient to reach from Saigon. 

You can take a day tour for each place and learn about the history and tradition of this country. 

Cu Chi Tunnel is an unforgettable part of the Vietnam war where soldiers used to stay and fight. 

best things to do in saigon

Mekong Delta has a unique living style that you cannot find anywhere else. 

best things to do in saigon