Saigon sense

Morning Tour starts 8:00am
Afternoon Tour starts 12:00pm
Lasts 4 – 4.5 Hours.

Saigon Bike tour

Senses of Saigon 

Kix tours is for the seekers, the explorers, for those who don’t want to be told what path to take but who pursue their own way. On The Saigon Senses Tour be prepared to dive deep beneath the skin of this amazing city, and have an experience that will surprise and delight you at every turn.

On the Saigon Senses Tour you will experience the real Saigon in every sense; its sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures.

You will see the winding, serpentine alleyways where most Saigon locals live, where close proximity to your family, friends and neighbors is the norm. Delve in to markets to really experience the food and drink you are tasting and smelling. Experience the living history of the city with places that existed so long ago and still exist now, before a final stunning journey to a neighborhood transformed by one man’s artistic quest.

There is something beautiful and profound for everyone on this journey, all you need to do is open your senses.



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$49 Per Person, Kids Under 12 Receive 30% Off

Safety is a priority for us, so all guests ride behind our experienced drivers. 

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